pure media

Data Science

User data has become ubiquitous and granular; as a result, businesses now have unprecedented opportunities to understand and address the needs of their customers. The challenge is to integrate data with every part of the business, so analytics and measurement strategies can respond to specific business goals.

Advanced analytics and data visualization enhance the intelligence of our organization here at Pure Media, fuel our strategy and create the best possible experiences for users. Pure Media helps clients understand and predict patterns of user behavior, driving growth through personalized and targeted content across channels. In addition to optimizing existing data systems, we build customer relationship management (CRM) and measurement infrastructures from the ground up, forging connections between testing, targeting, analytics and optimization. Our services increase customer value, refine data insights and boost marketing ROI for our clients.

Strategy & Implementation

A good analytics platform calls for strategic planning. Whether the initiative requires a straightforward web analytics implementation or the complex integration of multiple data sources across platforms, Pure Media Solutions analytics can plan and execute the program design and development. We focus on governance, regular reporting, data analysis, A/B and multivariate testing, and personalization and optimization to drive ongoing insights for client organizations.

Data Visualization

Increasingly, users on both the business and consumer sides are relying on deep, interactive visualizations to help them better understand the data around them. Pure Media Solutions design and develop interactive data visualization ranging from interactive client dashboards to rich consumer-facing visualizations.

Consumer Data Analytics

Almost every organization is sitting on a wealth of insights housed in their data–they just don’t have the tools to use that data effectively. We work with clients to extract value from their data through platform development, interactive dashboarding and ongoing analysis.

Marketing, Social & CRM Analytics

We work with multiple tools and methodologies to help clients understand the value of their marketing dollars, how to efficiently target and engage the right users and how to distribute assets more effectively. For a global view of social campaigns across platforms, we focus on testing, listening analysis, optimization and insights reporting. CRM programs, communications analysis, message testing, effectiveness analysis, consumer segmentation and multitouchpoint planning allow us to optimize user communications across channels.