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As digital technologies eclipse the broadcast model, consumers are becoming more active in their relationships with brands. Brands today need to recognize their customers as users, not passive consumers of media. Pure Media has extended the traditional branding framework of mission, vision and beliefs to include a brand’s capability — what the brand must enable digitally for users.

Brand strategy allows us to create and activate brands in a modern way by combining classic account planning skills with digital strategy, data and user research, actualized through business strategy, design and technology. When we know what problems a brand can solve and understand what value it can bring to its users, we can define the brand’s digital vision for clients and translate it into products, services and campaigns that users love.

Integrated marketing strategy

Marketing in the digital space means shifting from the traditional campaign-based model to a capability-based approach. Working across traditional and digital mediums, we help brands and business meet the unspoken needs of the user to drive value through engagement and participation.

Digital Brand Translation

For clients with traditional brand strategies and campaign ideas, Pure Media’s planning team works with clients to evolve existing brands into digital.

Brand Development

Pure Media’s brand framework provides clear and actionable direction for how a brand should behave in both digital and traditional forms. From strategy to execution and implementation, we deliver all brand-related services, including naming and definition, governance, architecture, organizational activation and messaging.

Naming, Logo and Identity Systems

Pure Media Solutions branding and creative teams work together to create names, logos and identity systems that bring brands to life and resonate with users.